RoofingWhat is the best type of shingles for roofing?

Shingles come in various materials that are not all made equally. After heavy storms pass, you can rely on asphalt to remain standing and require few repairs. Learn more about asphalt, the best type of shingles to use for your roofing.


Asphalt is the Best Choice

Asphalt is derived from petroleum and used mainly in road construction. Asphalt roads last for decades and tolerate all kinds of wear and tear. Similarly, asphalt shingles are the most common materials found on house roofs. This type of material is lightweight, affordable and durable. The shingles are made in sheets that are easy to install onto the roof using simple tools.

Many people prefer the traditional look of asphalt shingles. This type of roofing gives the appeal of the average family home.

Asphalt is available in different colors: red, beige, tan, brown, gray and black. There is a color and design to complement any type of home. The shapes vary from rectangular to pentagon or triangular shaped.

The shingles can be laid out in different patterns, as well. There are far more designs than the classic look of brown rectangular shingles.


Other Types of Shingles

When deciding what makes asphalt shingles the best, make comparisons with other types of shingles. There are different types of materials used, such as slate, wood, metal, stone and plastic. Some materials are high quality but expensive or difficult to install.

Other types are cheaper than asphalt but less durable and more likely to break down. Asphalt provides the most benefits to homeowners who want a simple yet strong and durable roof.

A little research about shingles in general will lead you back to asphalt. Building your roof with asphalt shingles is one of the most economical and long lasting methods around. Contact a roofing provider to review your installation options.

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