RoofingHow Can You Tell if a Roof Job Was Done Poorly?

Are you evaluating the work of a local roofer to determine whether to hire the company? If so, it’s a good idea to be aware of the red flags connected with a bad roofing job. Check out a few of the signs of poor-quality roofing work.


Missing Shingles

After a thunderstorm or high winds move through a neighborhood is when you see this red flag on a recently installed roof. Look at the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. If the newly installed roof has missing shingles and other roofs in the area don’t have any missing, it’s a sign poor roofing work was done.


Mismatched Shingles

All of the shingles on a roof should be the same. This gives a roof a uniform appearance. Mismatched shingles that are darker or lighter or different sizes are a sign that the roofer was cutting corners using whatever shingles were available at the time.


No Drip Edge

A drip edge is an essential part of a roof’s structure. It creates a path for water to run away from the roof and provides protection for the pieces beneath the roof. So, when you don’t see a drip edge on a new roof, there are very likely to be problems with leaking and moisture.


The Appearance of Stains

When you see stains on a new roof they’re an indication moisture has made its way beneath the roof. The roofers may not have installed the shingles properly and they shifted out of place. Or maybe very cheap shingles were used on the project.


Uneven Wear and Tear

Another red flag of a bad roof job is the roof is more worn in one area than in another. A quality roof endures weather changes in a uniform way. When a roof wears out in one spot more than in another, it may mean the roofer used shingles and materials of inferior quality in various sections.


The Wrong Type of Nails

A professional roofer uses nails designed to secure the shingles onto a roof. These nails can endure the wear and tear a roof experiences over the years. Nails that come loose or fall off are not designed to secure shingles.

Finally, knowing the signs of a bad roofing job can help you avoid a company that cuts corners and charges a price for high quality work without providing it.


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