RoofingHow do you know if your roof is sagging?

Most homeowners would not notice a sagging roof from up close or far away. First, know how to recognize the signs that your roof is looking uneven.


Inward Dips

From outside, you may be able to see dips near the middle or edge of the roof. This dip looks like an invisible weight is being placed on top. The shingles may look bent out of shape with the edges pointed upward.


Different Textures

Go onto the roof and feel around the surface because you cannot always see the problem. You can feel softer textures in damaged areas than in non-damaged areas. Seeing the damage up close helps you to know what a normal roof is supposed to look and feel like.


Damaged Shingles

Shingles that are loose or missing are signs of a sinking roof. As the shingle curves inward, it becomes detached as the fastening materials loosen. On sloped roofs, it’s easier to spot the damages up close or from the driveway.


Ceiling Bulges

A visible problem on the roof could turn up on the ceiling. As the roof presses downward, it may as a bulge or cracks in the ceiling or wall. This is a serious cosmetic problem that usually leads to a total roof replacement.


Failed Roof Inspection

If you can’t see the damage up close, there may be no way to learn if your roof is sagging or not until a disaster happens. Another way to know is if your roof inspection comes back with failing results. That’s why it’s important to get annual roof maintenance services to prevent any worsening problems.

Identify the signs that your roof is sagging or caving in on itself. This problem may take years to worsen, but that’s several thousands of dollars added to your repair bills. Act right away by contacting the right roofing specialist.

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