RoofingShould I repair or replace my roof?

The structural integrity and appeal of a roof do not last forever; it is bound to be compromised by wear and tear in due time. Once roofing problems arise, many homeowners face a dilemma on whether to repair or replace the roof.

Below are some factors to consider before making this decision, which help rule out the possibility of making the wrong choice.


Type of damage

Examining the type and extent of damage is the first thing to consider. You can have a roofing expert do a thorough inspection to ascertain the impact of damage and advice accordingly.

For minor damage such as a few missing shingles, it is best to repair the roof. On the other hand, extensive damage like a sagging roof and granules in the gutter, roof replacement is perfect.



A newly installed roof should have no problems. However, if problems arise, this can be linked to the quality of materials used or poor installation.

A roof that is over 20 years is likely to have undergone wear and tear. If roofing problems arise, it is advisable to replace the roof. The replacement not only solves the roofing problem but also enhances the beauty of the house.

If unsure about the roof’s age, you can check the roof for signs that depict old age like blistering shingles or bald shingles, among others. Besides, a roofing contractor can also ascertain the roof’s age and how much longer the roof can serve you.


Roofing material

In the event of damage, the roofing material determines whether to repair or replace it. Some roofing materials such as slate and tile are ideal to have them repaired as they last several decades and are expensive to replace. On the flipside, materials such as wood are better candidates for replacement.


Recent disaster

Natural disasters such as hurricanes are likely to have a devastating impact on the roof’s structural integrity. It is worth noting that some roof damage may not be visible; therefore, it is advisable to have a roofing expert evaluate it.

Invisible damage like a weakened roof structure may bring about leaking and other problems. Extensive damage may require an entire roof replacement.


Moisture damage

An indication of severe moisture damage beneath the roof shingles such as mold, peeling paint, and brown spots on the ceiling can lead to severe damage. Having the roof replaced would be the best option.

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